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14 Tee Times Travel Club By Dave Finn February 2017 ON THE SHORE Native Americans recognize the heron as an expert hunter and believe seeing one is an omen that the hunt will be good. As I gazed across the &#1b; th fairway, I knew that with my new avian friend “Kiva” as my guide, it was going to be a great week exploring 32 miles of uncrowded sugar-white beaches, a thriving culinary scene and seven of the best golf courses in the South. 
 Pro-shop Manager Wayne Taylor forewarned us that the course plays longer than the scorecard LQGLFDWHVEHFDXVHRIDFRXSOHRIVKRUWSDU¶VDQGWKH¿YHSDU¶VDQGKHZDVULJKW7KLV&#1b;
 hole par 71 has private club conditioning with a mature tree-lined parkland feel to go along ZLWKUHODWLYHO\ÀDWJHQHURXVIDLUZD\VDQGVKRUWURXJKIRUHDVHRISOD\%XWGRQ¶WEHIRROHG Walking through the doors of our condo at Kiva Dunes Golf Resort &#0f;,FDXJKWP\¿UVWVWXQQLQJ since water comes in to play on twelve holes and there are a number of strategically placed glimpse of Mobile Bay. Hurriedly I dropped my bags and headed for the balcony to catch a trees and deep soft sand bunkers. EHWWHUYLHZZKHQ,QRWLFHGDWDOOVLOKRXHWWHSHUFKHGRQRXUUDLOLQJ$W¿UVW,WKRXJKWLWZDVD statue but upon closer inspection realized that this regal four foot bird was no pale imitation My most memorable hole had to be the 4 th , a long par 3 over a daunting pond edged by a EXW D OHJHQGDU\ *UHDW %OXH +HURQ  6R FDOP&#0f; JUDFHIXO DQG IHDUOHVV ZDV WKLV PDJQL¿FHQW ZRRGHQUHWDLQLQJZDOO&#0f;QRWRQO\EHFDXVHWKDWZDVP\¿UVWSDURIWKHGD\EXWDOVREHFDXVH WKDW¶VZKHUH,VSRWWHGP\¿UVWDOOLJDWRU creature that he remained perfectly still as I gently slid the door open to snap a close-up. Alabama’s Gulf Coast Gulf Shores Golf Club is the elder statesman of the area, built in the 60’s and updated in 2005 by the renowned father and son team of Jay and &DUWHU0RUULVK7KH\VD\\RXRQO\JHWRQHFKDQFHWRPDNHDJRRG¿UVWLPSUHVVLRQ&#0f;VROHW me tell as you as we drove through the entrance gate and alighted in front of the stately, two storey plantation-style clubhouse, I was impressed. *XOI6KRUHV*ROI&RXUVH

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